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The First Lady exchanges with the women of Lualaba on innovation and technologies

Kinshasa, March 11th, 2023 (CPA).-  Innovation and technologies for gender equality, was at the centre of an exchange between the First Lady of DRC and the women of the city of Kolwezi in Lualaba, during a conference organised on Thursday in the same entity.

This high-level conference with women leaders of Lualaba, around the theme: « innovation and technologies for gender equality » aims to raise awareness of the importance of digital. It is part of the International Women’s Rights Day, » says a press release from the Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi Foundation (FDNT), which reached CPA on Friday.

Regarding the national theme: « Egalitarian digital education for peace and empowerment of women and girls in DRC« , the President of FDNT seized the opportunity to welcome the progress made in the implementation of women’s rights, while calling on the latter to further reflect and maintain pressure on decision makers, mostly men, for a continuous improvement of their rights.

For her, there is a low level of schooling for young girls in disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. « This situation creates gender gaps, » she said.

To overcome this challenge, Mrs. Nyakeru Tshisekedi has been granting scholarships to bright girls for several years now, in order to contribute to the reduction of inequalities in the digital sector, pointing out that one hundred and seven (107) scholarships have already been granted in this area since 2019.

The First Lady of DRC also indicated that the digital tool is at the root of cyber harassment. She took the opportunity to call on the government to put in place a digital code that will serve to manage this aspect.

For his part, the UNFPA Country Representative, Eugene Kongnyuy, highlighted the actions he is carrying out in the digital domain for the protection of women and girls, including the launching of the campaign called « bodyrigh » to draw attention to the lack of protection women face online. This UN agency supports survivors of technology-facilitated gender-based violence and raises awareness about the gender-based social norms that contribute to its proliferation.

Several other panellists spoke on the theme of the law on protection and reparation for victims of violence on the net and the contribution of digital technology to people’s daily lives, the source said. It should be noted that this conference was organised in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, the governorate of Lualaba and the Joint Office of the Head of State. CPA/

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