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An international art fair aligns painters and visual artists in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, March 11th, 2023 (CPA) – The third edition of the International Visual Arts Exhibition of Kinshasa (SIAVKIN) has lined up 6 painters and visual artists at the Texaf Bilembo space in the municipality of Kintambo in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, CPA learnt on Friday from one of the organizers.

« This exhibition is important because it begins on March 8th, which is a day that highlights the fragility of the rights that are acquired by women in the world. The idea was to work on nudity, which is a subject that can often be discussed. Today, nudity is part of the big channels we often see on social networks, » said Chantal Tombu, head of the Texaf Bilembo space.

She added: « Among the six artists presenting at this exhibition whose theme is « A corps pluriels », we find, notably the photographer Françoise Benomar from Casablanca with her photos that constantly revisit the body by diverting it from reality, to revive nudity in what coverings it, the Cameroonian painter Arnord Fokam, who exhibits works that speak of the relationship between the body and water as well as the mismanagement of copper resources in Cameroon, which are manifested by the lack of drinking water and the problems of flooding. The sculptor Freddy Tsimba who exhibits his work « I ‘ll not give them my diamond » translates into French « Je ne leur donnerai pas mon diamant » the work showing the image of a woman, made by a set of keys which is a strong symbol that testifies to the openness, knowledge and imprisonment.

For his part, the organizer of the exhibition Fabi Mudiazambi said that the expectation for this exhibition, which is an international exhibition of visual arts, is to have a mixture of cultures to share experiences. « This exhibition wanted first of all to pay tribute to women.  So, as we can see, all the artists have worked on women. And this was justified even by the choice of the launching date, which is March 8th, » he said.

For the artist photographer and curator of the exhibition Françoise Benomar, the objective of this exhibition is to show nudity for the first time, because in Africa it is a subject that remains somewhat taboo. And this exhibition shows how the female body is sublimated in all its bodily expression; it overcomes the challenge of liberating the body, because, for her, when one photographs the body, the woman’s attitude is no longer the same because she manages to strip it of all modesty and all prejudices about the body.

« There is a moment of freedom that is created and there we make great art, I intend to continue this project in the Democratic Republic of Congo because I think that from this exhibition, we can have a brand in this discipline of the nude to challenge Europe, « she said.

The international exhibition of visual arts of Kinshasa started on March 8th and will continue until April 8th in the Congolese capital, in three different galleries, including Texaf-Bilembo (Kintambo), Galerie d’arts Palanca (Ngaliema) and Malabo Art (Lingwala) with other national and international painters and photographers, the second stage of this exhibition is scheduled for March 11th at the Palanca art gallery (Ngaliema). CPA/

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