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145 territories project: first works expected in April 2023

Kinshasa, March 12th, 2023 (CPA).- The first works of the 145 Territories Project will be delivered in April, according to the reports of the different agencies involved in the execution of this program, handed over to Prime Minister Jean Michel Sama Lukonde on Saturday at the end of an evaluation meeting held at the Primacy.

« We have just finished a three-hour meeting with the Prime Minister within the framework of the Steering Committee of the 145 territories project.  We had the opportunity to have the first reports from different implementing agencies, » he said.

« There was a lot of discussion about agricultural feeder roads. There is 38,000 km to be built under this project. Here too, the first installments have been paid by the government. We discussed the interconnectivity of these roads with roads of provincial and even national interest. This means that the whole country is under construction. And from next week, we could have all the details on the images of the work that is done both by the Central Coordination Office (BCECO), the CFEF, and the United Nations Program (UNDP), « said the government spokesman.

Some members of the Prime Minister’s office were also associated with this meeting, the main objective of which was to receive the first reports from the various implementing agencies on the state of progress on the ground.

It emerged that the major works have already begun and the first works could be delivered as early as April 2023, notably schools, health centers and administrative buildings.

This was stated by the Minister of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, who gave an update on the meeting to the press.

Minister Muyaya assured that the tool set up is already ready to allow each Congolese wherever he is, to follow up, from his phone, each project deployed in each territory and to have every detail he wants on the level of execution of each infrastructure.

BCECO Director General Jean Mabi Mulumba confirmed that BCECO has started work on the construction of 313 infrastructures, including 189 schools and 124 health centers in the 48 territories under its jurisdiction. Pictures continue to circulate showing what they are doing.

« We have just signed contracts with 70 SMEs for 731 infrastructures, which will go down to our territories to be able to launch the works as well, » he continued.

For his part, Alain Lungungu Kisoso, National Coordinator of the Fragile States Financing Implementation Unit (CFEF), said that he had taken stock of the physical and financial implementation of the activities taking place in the 7 provinces, which represent 43 territories entrusted to his agency. Globally, he said, work has been launched on all the sites.

According to him, the first deliveries could take place around May. And the last infrastructures, in July 2023. Concerning the agricultural feeder roads in the CFEF area, all the studies have been completed.

 Lungungu says he has presented the report on these works to the Prime Minister, head of government. What remains is the go-ahead to launch the tender documents.

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