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Directorate of Taxes: urged to establish a directory of VAT taxpayers

Kinshasa, March 12th, 2023 (CPA) –  The implementation of the directory of taxpayers to the Value Added Tax (VAT) as a computer system in terms of tax base in the Democratic Republic of Congo was among the key recommendations of participants in the seminar of directors of the Directorate General of Taxes.

« We have taken the resolution to implement the directory of taxpayers to the Value Added Tax (VAT) as a computer system and its publication on the website of the tax authority, the intensification of the VAT spot control, the organization of the VAT tax control missions separately from other taxes in terms of tax base », recommended the participants to the directors’ seminar.

The directors also recommended the resolution of information exchange. This exchange should be based on contacts with the Ministry of Finance for the organisation of bipartite meetings between the Ministry of Finance, the Foreign Affairs Department, which is in charge of local disputes, diplomatic missions as well as representations of international organisations and the DGI, with a view to the collection of the professional tax on income (IPR).

The generalisation of VAT management to all the remaining synthetic tax centres in Kinshasa and to the provincial synthetic tax centres, namely Kolwezi, Lubumbashi, Kabemba, Bunia, Butembo and Watsa, they said.

The directors obliged the operational services and the VAT taxpayers to attach to their monthly VAT declarations the annexes in digital version.

In terms of recovery, they resolved to make an inventory of the problems related to the use of the RYGI software with a view to transmitting them to the technical committees for monitoring and evaluation of the reform. He added that tax collectors were obliged to recover at least 50% of the debit balance.

For his part, the Director General of this financial authority in charge of taxes, Barnabé Muakadi, this four-day seminar allowed the tax administration to adopt resolutions and identify relevant actions for the implementation of strategic priorities of the Directorate General of Taxes for the year 2023 in terms of revenue mobilization, tax base, reporting obligations, recovery, tax litigation, technological support, human, material and financial resources as well as communication and awareness.

It requested the release of economic interventions in its favour in the Finance Act for the year 2023, to enable it to acquire computer equipment, office furniture, rolling stock and other equipment essential to the optimal functioning of services.

The Director General recommended that all the directors convey these various resolutions to their respective collaborators and take all useful measures for their implementation, with a view to achieving and even exceeding the budgetary forecasts assigned to his financial authority.

Furthermore, the Secretary General for Finance, Jean Gaston Manya, who represented the Minister of Finance, noted the significant progress made in the preparation of the implementation of the annual recapitulative declaration of the professional tax on remunerations by employees by 30 March 2023.

He said that the Minister of Finance has promised to accompany them for the success of this deadline. He therefore invited them to put in place all the technical and organisational mechanisms to prepare for the effective implementation of the direct tax reform, the draft law of which is currently being examined by the National Assembly.

Performance contract between senior management and the management of large companies

The senior management and the management of large enterprises, represented respectively by the Director General and the Director, signed a performance contract setting the objectives to be achieved by the management of large enterprises for the year 2023. This contract also determines the means for which the senior management of the Directorate General of Taxes has committed to make available to it for this purpose.

The performance contract revealed that the directorate of large enterprises has committed itself to achieving revenue assignments of CDF 11,795,691,836,191.60  (Eleven thousand seven hundred and ninety-five billion, six hundred and ninety-one million, eight hundred and thirty-six thousand one hundred and ninety-one, sixty centimes) for the budget year 2023.

The document also revealed that in order to enable the management of large enterprises to achieve the objectives assigned to it and to achieve the performance indicators, the senior management has committed itself to providing it with the necessary means and to carrying out monthly evaluations during the meetings of the committee set up for this purpose.

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