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Financial authorities reassured of the payment of their 2022 performance bonuses

Kinshasa, march 14th, 2023 (CPA).- Financial regulators were reassured on Monday of the payment of their performance bonuses for the 2022 financial year at the end of April, according to a press release from the Ministry in charge of Finance, which reached CPA on Monday.

« I promise to pay the exceptional bonuses linked to the exceptional performances that the financial regulation have achieved in 2022, notably the General Direction of Taxes, the General Direction of Customs and Excise and the General Direction of Administrative, Judicial, State and Participation Revenues by the end of April 2023, » said the Minister in charge of Finance,  Nicolas Kazadi.

The Minister called on the trade union delegations of this financial regulator not to give in to the manipulation of ill-intentioned people who circulate « fake news ».

« My concern is that this year, you can also benefit from exceptional bonuses related to exceptional performance, » he said, before asking the agents and managers of the financial regulator to be patient, because the rhythm of the national treasury has not always been respected during the first quarter but the commitment is taken for you to be paid.

The Minister in charge of Finance satisfied with the increased of revenue mobilisation in 2022

In addition, the Minister in charge of Finance, during the monthly revenue mobilisation meeting he chaired, congratulated the companies under his supervision for the increased mobilisation of public revenue in 2022.

The revenue realised from January 1st to March 10th, 2023 is 2,363 billion of Congolese francs divided as follows: CDF 768.3 billion for the DGDA, CDF 1,124.8 billion for the DGI and CDF 469.8 billion for the DGRAD.

In addition, revenues at the end of February were CDF 2,122.9 billion. Compared to January and February 2022 revenues, DGDA and DGI revenues increased by 25% and 13% respectively.  For the DGRAD, he overcame a stagnation due mainly to the late organisation of control missions that started in the last quarter of last year.

To this end, Nicolas Kazadi instructed the financial authorities to continue the recovery of various contentious cases in compliance with procedures and encouraged the DGDA to implement the measures taken for customs fraud in the fuel import sector.

With regard to the various reforms presented, he noted significant progress in terms of setting up the legal and organisational arsenal. DRC’s number one, the Minister in charge of Finance also insisted on the need to move forward quickly on the implementation of the various technologies that support this reform. Nicolas Kazadi instructed all the managers of these different projects to start these reforms before the end of the first half of 2023.

During the year 2022, the financial authorities performed well in terms of revenue mobilisation. All were able to exceed their assignments.

As a reminder, the activities focused on the evaluation of the level of revenue from January 1st to March 10th, 2023 and the main reforms for the year 2023, the introduction of the standardised invoice and electronic tax devices, the recapitulative declaration of personal income, the deployment of the Logirad software, the reform of the traceability of excise duties and the reform of gambling.


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