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Uvira: A delegation of the disarming programme visits the cantonment sites of ex-combatants

Uvira, march 14th, 2023 (CPA).- A delegation of Disarming, Demobilisation, Community Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programme (P-DDRCS) has been visiting the cantonment sites selected by the experts since last Sunday in Uvira territory, notably in Bwegera, Luberizi, Runingu up to Kashatu on the road to Katobo, as well as in Kijaga, in Sud-Kivu province.

« These sites are all viable and offer several advantages for stabilisation, which had selected the High Intensity Labour Force (HILF) works for the road that will link Runingu-Marungu-Masangu 1 and 2 to Bijombo centre, » said Tommy Tambwe Ushindi, national coordinator of the programme.

He said that there is a dynamic to allow peace to return to this area but also through inter-community dialogues for social cohesion and inclusive projects aimed at the recovery of the community.

Tommy Tambwe then overcame the existence of agricultural potential in Katobo and in the middle and high plateaus, before stressing that the objective of this visit is to see what needs to be done quickly for the beginning of the programme. In the meantime, he promised to work with the government and mobilise other partners to have a major project that will rebuild the social fabric.

No contradiction between the P-DDRCS and the Armed Defence Reserve (ARD) The national coordinator of the P-DDRCS also maintained that « there is no contradiction between this programme and that of the Armed Defence Reserve (ARD), both having a republican mission.

« In the national defence strategy, the creation of a reservist corps is foreseen, which did not exist before. We have to wait for the ordinance to see who will be retained as members of this corps.   The ordinance has to be signed and promulgated to know who will be affected by the ARD, » he said.

He added that « the programme is not dragging. We have decided to bring innovations so as not to fall into the mistakes of previous programmes, doing what is useful for the good of the population. We had to have a national strategy, a provincial operational plan. We don’t want to receive renderings where there is no food or shelter. Our wish is to have all the conditions required for a modern site, » he concluded.


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