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A fire broke out in a building housing some press groups in Gombe

Kinshasa, March 17th, 2023 (CPA) – A fire of unknown origin broke out on Thursday afternoon in a building housing some press groups, notably « Media 7 » and « L’avenir », in the commune of Gombe, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

« It is with great emotion that I take the floor. One of our camerawomen who was in the studio noticed it, and by the time she alerted the occupants the fire had already invaded the compartment. We found ourselves in a tragic situation not knowing what to do, if not to send an s.o.s to the Equity Bank BCDC, next door to us, which deployed its fire-fighting team, » said the editor-in-chief of channel « Télé 7 ».

« Obviously, we suffered huge material losses because the fire started from the studio/platform. Fortunately, we had no loss of life, » he continued.

Some witnesses interviewed on the spot said that the fire, whose origin remains unknown, started in one of the studios/platforms of the « Media 7 » press group.  Thanks to the rapid intervention of the fire department of the bank « Equity BCDC » and the town hall, the fire was contained and prevented from reaching other flats in the building.

« We are in great shock, with tears in our eyes at what we have just experienced. We have lost practically everything, our necessary equipment », lamented the workers of the channel « Télé 7 ».

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