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A woman nurse encourages young girls in the medical field

Kinshasa, March 16th,  2023 (CPA) .- A woman nurse at the Multisectoral Programme for the Fight against AIDS (PMLS) has encouraged young girls to enrol in the medical field to compensate for the number of aging female health personnel in the medical care of patients.

“In my capacity as Gender Focal Point at the Multisectoral AIDS Control Programme (PMLS), I welcome the commemoration of the International Women’s Rights Day, which gives me the opportunity to draw attention to the medical profession, where women play an important role in the care of HIV patients. This day, which highlights the theme of digital education, will enable the medical profession to master the computer tool for media imaging, which is an important asset in the detection of certain diseases, » said Ms. Charlotte Makengo, head of the Department of Gender and Human Rights, during an interview with CPA on Wednesday.

Ms. Makengo welcomed the contribution of digital technology in the health sector, before inviting women doctors, university professors, public health nurses, to make digital technology a tool in medical governance in order to enhance the value of the female gender in the same way as our male colleagues, she stressed, arguing at the same time that mastering digital technology will help to enhance the value of women in the medical sector through the use of the internet, digital tool.

« We must push women and girls to be able to use these modern tools, because we are competing with men in the job market, nationally and internationally, » said the PMLS Gender Focal Point.

The empowerment of women does not fall like a hair in the soup, it is a process. I would like to say that women and girls must learn to be autonomous, and there are many opportunities that are offered to women and girls to be able to finally become autonomous, so it is very important for us to be able to say today that the impact of this learning that leads to empowerment is positive.  CPA/

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