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Entrepreneurship as an asset for sustainable community development

Kinshasa, March 17th, 2023 (CPA). – Entrepreneurship is an indispensable asset for sustainable community development in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said the Chief Executive Officer of the Higher Institute of Applied Techniques (ISTA), Prof. Kahuli Bititi, during a two-day forum opened Thursday in Kinshasa.

« Entrepreneurship is an indispensable asset to face the difficulties and major risks related to sustainable community development in our country. I ask the students to be assiduous in the conferences and to put into practice what they will learn during the two days of work, » said the director general of ISTA, Pr Kahuli Bititi.

These panels brought together several speakers including Dr Ilunga Mbuyamba, academic secretary of the Institute. His presentation focused on the ‘digital importance in today’s industry’. He said that the current industry of stage « 4.0 », according to the classification of the organisers, reflects an industrial evolution that began with a steam engine requiring several efforts of human beings for its operation.

« Industry 4.0, on the other hand, has come to bring a unique and customized fact, a plus consisting of designing efficient working tools, positively influencing production compared to the low volumes of productions before, » he added.

Speaking about the importance of modern industry, he noted that it aims to combat anti-values, including the reduction of queues in banks. Today’s industry is part of this revolution that will allow different institutions to move important information and data faster and safer regardless of the time of the expected digital service without too much physical effort.

The most important thing is to remain competitive in this industrial revolution and enjoy the benefits it brings, » said Secretary General Ilunga Mbuyamba.

Congolese women’s entrepreneurship reviewed

For her part, Ms Thérèse Kirongozi, inventor of the intelligent robot regulating road traffic, spoke about « The entrepreneurship of Congolese women, analysis and perspective on the contribution of young women and engineering in the modernization of the DRC ».

She indicated that in reality, entrepreneurship concerns young girls as well as young boys. For the speaker, entrepreneurship is there to modernize the community by creating businesses, by becoming job creators instead of job seekers.

« Today, we have to create our own businesses. It is true that not everyone is called to undertake, but if we can accompany those who are called to create jobs, it would reduce the unemployment rate, » said Ms. Kirongozi.

This forum, whose theme is: « Entrepreneurship 4.0 at the heart of innovation and sustainable development », brought together several participants.

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