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Organic law of March 22nd: the PLWD of Lufu reiterate their confidence in the Head of State

 Matadi, March 16th, 2023 (CPA). – People living with disabilities (PLWD) of Lufu agglomeration in Songololo territory in Kongo Central reiterated on Tuesday their confidence in the President of the Republic, for the concretization of his vision by the promulgation of the organic law of March 22nd in favour of PLWD and other vulnerable people (APV), during a campaign of popularization of this law by the president of the Congolese Federation of Disabled People (FECOPEHA), Papy Malenga.

« This law that will protect and promote us is here, it is up to us to welcome and protect it to benefit from all opportunities in our favour, » said Papy Malenga.

« A disabled person has the right to work, to employment and to a fair remuneration to be useful in society, » said the president of FECOPEHA, emphasizing that this organic law is in line with the vision of the Head of State who wanted to value this category of people living with disabilities in DRC.

« We thank the Head of State who spared no effort for the promulgation of the organic law on the protection and promotion of PLWHA. We are determined to mobilise as one man to thank the Head of State by granting him a second term in the next elections« , noted for his part the President of the Union of People Living with Disabilities of Kongo Central (UPHAKOC), Felly Bokutshu.

He pleaded for this law to be translated into four national languages.  CPA/

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