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DRC-Mauritania: Sports leaders rush to accompany Leopards to Nouakchott

Kinshasa, March 18th, 2023 (CPA). – The Congolese sports leaders are jostling to be on the list of the delegation that must accompany DRC Leopards, first in Lubumbashi for the first match against Mauritania, then in Nouakchott, for the return match of the 3rd and 4th day of the qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations (CAN), Côte d’Ivoire 2024, CPA noted on Friday at the Ministry in charge of Sports and Recreation, said on Friday on the airwaves of a local radio, the deputy General Secretary of FECOFA, Patrice-Rainier Mangenda.

« The Congolese Federation of Association Football (FECOFA), which is the technical body, has well elaborated the list according to who is going to do what in the delegation, but at the level of the cabinet of the Minister of Sports, the lists have been changed replacing the people who have to go to work to the members of the cabinet who are practically going there as tourists, » he revealed.

For him, this bad habit of the Minister’s office must end.    This is false and very false, retorted a member of the communication unit of the Ministry of Sports, Jolga Luvundisakio, contacted on Friday by CPA.

« The lists have not been changed and the cabinet has not added its members who will go, according to the Deputy Secretary General, Patrice-Rainier Mangenda, on tourism in Lubumbashi and Nouakchott. The list remained the same as it was drawn up at the Federation level. There are only four members of the cabinet who will play a specific role entrusted to them by the Minister of Sports and Recreation, » said Jolga Luvundisakio.

After verification, there is only one name, that of Patrice-Rainier Mangenda who was on the list at the beginning of the Federation, but who disappeared from the list signed by the Minister Serge Nkonde.

There is also the sports movement with its components supporting the Leopards, whose leaders were also supposed to be on the list and who are not.

Leopards to gather on Tuesday in Lubumbashi

The gathering initially planned in Kinshasa, will take place directly in Lubumbashi, where the match will be played. The Coach-manager, Sebastien Desabre left Kinshasa on Monday for Lubumbashi. FECOFA has chosen the Karavia hotel to build the headquarters of the Leopards. The first batch of players is expected on March 19th, and the second the next day, followed directly by the first training session, that is to say only four days before the match scheduled for March 24th, at 3:30 pm, Kinshasa time.

This double confrontation is very important for DRC which has no right to make mistakes in these qualifiers, after having lost the first two games, respectively to Gabon at home (0-1) and Sudan away (2-1).  CPA/

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