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DRC weather: Cloudy skies with rain expected in 16 provinces on Saturday

Kinshasa, March 18th, 2023 (CPA). – Cloudy skies with rains are expected on Saturday in 16 provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), while the average maximum temperature will be 31°C in Kenge, Gbadolite and Bandundu, and the minimum 17°C in Goma, Bukavu and Kolwezi, the National Agency for Meteorology and Remote Sensing by Satellite (METELSAT) announced on Friday.

According to the source, these 16 provinces are Mai-Ndombe, Tshuapa, Equateur, Bas-Uele, Haut-Uele, Ituri, Nord Kivu, Sud Kivu, Sankuru, Sud-Ubangi, Tanganyika, Lualaba, Lomami, Kasaï Oriental and Haut-Katanga.

Isolated thunderstorms will be observed in Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Kwilu and Kwango provinces while thunderstorms with isolated rainfall are expected in Kasai Central, Kasai and North Ubangi provinces.

Thunderstorms accompanied by rain will cover Kwilu, Tshuapa, Mongala, Maniema, Sankuru, Sud-Ubangi, Lomami and Kwango provinces.

On the other hand, in the provinces of Mongala and Maniema, cloudy skies with thunderstorms and rain are expected.

Temperatures as well as weather phenomena and risks in the 26 of DRC main cities will be presented as follows:


Towns Phenomena T°Min T° Max Risk
1 Kinshasa Isolated thunderstorms      22     29 Très faible
2 Matadi Isolated thunderstorms     22    30 Très faible
3 Bandundu Isolated thunderstorms     23     31 Tres faible
4 Inongo Cloudy with rain     23      27 Très faible
5 Boende Cloudy with rain    22     28 Très faible
6 Mbandaka Cloudy with rain     23    28 Très faible
7 Lisala Cloudy with thunderstorms and rain      23     29 Très faible
8 Gbadolite Cloudy with rain     22     31 Très faible
9 Buta Cloudy sky with rain      22     28 Très faible
10 Isiro Cloudy with rain       21     28 Très  faible
11 Bunia Cloudy with rain     20    24 Très faiible
12 Goma Cloudy sky with rain     17     19 Très faible
13 Bukavu Cloudy sky with rain    17     22 Très faible
14 Kindu Cloudy with thunderstorms and rain     23     27 Moyen
15 Lusambo Cloudy with rain       22    27 Très faible
16 Gemena Cloudy with rain     23     27 Très faible
17 Kalemie Cloudy with rain      22       25 Très faible
18 Kisangani Thundershowers     23              29 Moyen
19 Tshikapa Cloudy with rain           22             30 Très faible
20 Kolwezi Cloudy with rain      17            21 Très faible
21 Kabinda Cloudy with rain      21       28 Tres faible
22 Kenge Showers and thundershowers     21     31 Moyen
23 Mbuji Mayi Cloudy with rain      21    28 Très faible
24 Kananga orages et pluies isolée      21     29 Très faible
25 Lubumbashi Cloudy with rain    19     24 Faiible
26 Kamina Cloudy with rain     20     26 Très faible
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