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Entrepreneurship: USD 6 billion earmarked for the agricultural sector in Africa

Kinshasa, March 18th, 2023 (CPA). – Six (6) billion US dollars have been allocated by the commercial bank of Congo « Equity bank BCDC » to the development of the agricultural sector in Africa in general and Democratic Republic of Congo in particular in order to boost Congolese entrepreneurship.

« We are determined to change the world; we do not want this country to depend only on the soil.  It is also up to the soil to take its revenge through the various programs that Equity BCDC has put in place in the agricultural sector, » said the director of commercial projects of Equity Bank BCDC, Mr. Paty Paterne Mushagalusa.

He said: « The bank has made available US$6 billion for the development of Africa and part of it is earmarked for DRC, to help young entrepreneurs move forward”.

Mr Mushagalusa said this at a Contractors 4.0 forum, organised at the Institut Supérieur de Technique Appliquée (ISTA) for students and young entrepreneurs.

The source also noted that the Equity bank BCDC has set up several programmes in the sectors of education, health, environment, entrepreneurship, agriculture and social balance to accompany young students but also young companies to evolve and develop the country’s economy.

« The objective is to create 10 million jobs by financially supporting 2 million projects, that is to say that each agricultural project that an entrepreneur can finance creates at least 5 jobs and if they finance 2 million projects, you will see how we can offer 10 million jobs for our brothers and sisters throughout the country, » added Mr. Paty Paterne Mushagalusa.

The different projects in the value chain, whether it is for land owners, seed holders, those who harvest and process agricultural products in enterprises, distribution or marketing between different sectors, the bank is ready to accompany this kind of initiative.

Indeed, this is a strategic decision of the bank that was taken after the food crisis and the lack of cereals during this period.

The Equity BCDC is committed to putting in place a programme for the creation of several modern clinics to be built in DRC, with a view to bringing all people to be treated at a very low cost.

As a reminder, this forum took place from March 16th to 17th under the theme: « The 4.0 entrepreneur at the heart of innovation and community development ». It was organised by the Higher Institute of Applied Techniques (ISTA). Several companies exhibited their products and services, including the juice company Esengo, Elembo vin, solutiontech and digiskill tech. CPA/

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