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Kikwit: resumption of drinking water supply after two months in Ndeke Zulu

Kikwit, March 18th,  2023 (CPA). – Drinking water distribution activities in the Ndeke Zulu district, more precisely in the part commonly known as Major, Nzinda municipality in Kikwit, Kwilu, have resumed after two months of interruption.

« The resumption of the said activities of selling drinking water is justified by the repair of the engine which had broken down.  We spent more than two months without drinking water. This is what pushed the population to resume the paths of springs and rivers with all the risks, » said the residents of the entity Major contacted by the CPA, while specifying that drinking water spares the population from waterborne diseases, before stressing that this resumption of the sale of water from the borehole is to the satisfaction of that population.

This part of the Ndeke Zulu district is supplied with drinking water thanks to three boreholes installed by the Community of Mennonite Brethren Churches in Congo (CEFMC) in the town of Kikwit, it was reported. CPA/

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