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Kinshasa: installation of the new women’s committee of a public institution

Kinshasa, March 18th, 2023 (CPA). – The new women’s committee of the National Institute of Professional Preparation (INPP) was installed on Wednesday, during a ceremony organised in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

« This new committee aims to strengthen and consolidate the ties that unite us as women working within the INPP, to work on changing the mentalities of women by promoting civic-mindedness, respect for values and leadership, to contribute to the development of women within the company and ensure equal rights based on gender, » said the president of this committee, Therese Njiba Tshilombo.

« We will also encourage and support the involvement of women in the realisation of the company’s mission and promote a healthy working environment and harmonious relationships within INPP, » she added.

Addressing the General Director of this institution, Mrs. Njiba said: « Mr. General Director, our committee and all the women of INPP are ready and determined to accompany you in your heavy task, because we all want to see you succeed in your mandate and carry the torch of the institute high. We expect you to give us your full support. Your advice, opinions and recommendations will be a good guide for our company.

Taking the floor, the General Director of this institution, Godefroy Tshimanga Wa Muntuabo, was delighted with the overcoming of this women’s committee, before saluting the act of recognition shown by the latter.

« I am therefore flattered to be associated with this reinforcement of women’s activity at the INPP and to have had the honour of installing this new committee. As I said in my commentary, societies where women have become aware of their responsibilities are those that are ahead of the rest, » he said.

The election of this new committee took place during a general assembly of women organised on April 19th, 2022. It is composed of Mrs. Therese Njiba Tshilombo, president of this committee, Mrs. Agnes Kumbi and Mrs. Pelagie Kabano, respectively, vice-president in charge of administration and finance.  CPA/

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