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The indisputable divinity of God sung in the songs « Elombe » and « Moyoki losambo

Kinshasa, March 18th, 2023 (CPA) – The divinity and undeniable goodness of God are sung in the songs « Elombe » and « Moyoki losambo » of the gospel singer Mike Kalambayi whose clips were unveiled on Thursday on all digital platforms.

« I am announcing the release of my two videos: Elombe and Moyoki losambo, tomorrow Thursday March 16th at 6pm on my official Mike Kalambayi Youtube channel. Let us celebrate God who wins with us. Each time we invoke him, he listens and answers our prayers, » the artist wrote on his official social pages consulted by CPA on Friday.

In « Elombe », a song of nearly 6 minutes, Pastor Kalambay celebrates the undeniable divinity of God, explaining beforehand that others have only the works of their hands for God, but the divinity of the only living and powerful God is undeniable.

On the other hand, in the opus « Moyoki losambo », the singer testifies to the goodness of God who manifests himself to anyone who invokes him. « Papa oyebi nionso nabombel’o nini awa naye koluka yo. Na losambo na ngai, Mona nde motema oyo ezo talela yo, » he hums, in French translation, « Père tu connais tout de moi, je viens à toi (Father you know all about me, I come to you). In my prayer, see my heart that hopes in you » from the chorus.

These two opuses are part of the new album of Mike Kalambay, entitled « Dieu en toute circonstance »(God in all circumstances), released in February of this year with 12 (twelve) titles, among others « Bisengo ya Lola », « Souffle », « Matondo ». CPA/

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